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Residential Cabins

Residential log cabins, often referred to as Log cabin houses, are becoming extremely popular in these difficult economic times with our customers throughout Ireland. They also appeal to customers who are concerned about their carbon footprint and the environmental credentials of their home. Log cabins are very environmentally friendly due to the large amount of Carbon dioxide which is stored in the timber during the life cycle of the trees.

As a response to the requirements of our customers we have created a range of log cabin houses that utilise the natural benefits and natural insulation capabilities of timber. Our residential range of cabins even come with twin skin walls (cavity) ready for insulation.

As we, and our customers, become ever more conscious of our worlds’ fragile climate we have designed and created a range of buildings that utilise the natural benefits of timber. Our unique range, which can be seen below, has been specially designed with the to be durable, hard wearing, movable and built to last in this ever changing climate.

We can supply a full range of log cabin houses in a large range of sizes and room configurations to suit a variety of uses in addition to residential use, such as home offices, garden cabins, holiday lets, playrooms etc.

Building The Log Cabins:

Our log cabin kits can either be assembled yourself (if you a competent D.I.Y. enthuiast) or we can provide you with an installation service to reduce your stress levels.

Choosing the right Cabin for you:

When choosing from our extensive range of log cabins feel free to check out each of the individual log cabin house plans and log cabin designs by clicking on the images below.

This will then take you to an information page on that particular cabin where you can view larger images of floor plans and elevations where appropriate. You will also get an option to choose between different wall thicknesses and see instantly how these options will alter the cost of the cabin.

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  • Alabama

    Wall Measurement: 530x630cm
    Wall Thickness: 70mm
  • Dakota

    Wall Measurement: 710x700cm
    Wall Thickness: 70mm
  • Stockholm A

    Wall Measurement: 515x515cm
    Wall Thickness: 50mm
  • Stockholm B

    Wall Measurement: 515x720cm
    Wall Thickness: 50mm
  • Stockholm C

    Wall Measurement: 670x760cm
    Wall Thickness: 50mm

5 Item(s)

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