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Cabin Extras

Log Cabin Extras:

The prices detailed throughout this website are for the various log cabin kits and there are additional items that you will need to consider to complete your cabin.

The three most important of these items are the roof covering, wood treatment and rain water goods (gutters and downpipes) as these are essential items in order to maintain the beauty and integrity of your cabin. The beauty of these extras is that you can get them from us as part of our log cabin kits meaning you can get the extras from us and then build your cabin yourself.

Alternatively we can have your cabin built for you by our experienced team of log cabin builders enabling you to avoid any hassle and have it built in a matter of days anywhere throughout Ireland, whether that's Cork, Dublin, Donegal, Derry / Londonderry, Belfast, Lisburn or anywhere in between.

Roof Cover:

When it comes to the roof finish to your cabin there are no hard and fast rules as your choice of material is literally that, your choice! Some of you will choose to go for the cheaper alternative of simply applying flat roofing felt and some of you will choose to go for the more expensive route of using high quality roof shingles. As with most things in life you tend to get what you pay for.

While the roofing felt is cheaper it is also less effective than roofing shingles as it tends not to last as long. The biggest issue is that it dries out and cracks allowing rain to penetrate and rot the roof of your cabin. It also tends to crack quite quickly along the line of the fold where it is folded over the edges of the timbers during installation.

Roofing shingles are slower to fit and more expensive but they do last longer and look much better than roofing felt. The secret with installing roofing shingles is to install them correctly. We have unfortunately come across many installations where the roofing shingles has simply been stapled onto the roof and that's it, job done. The roofing shingles should ideally be tacked on with roofing clouts and stuck with "shingle stick" to make sure they are well attached and water tight.

Timber Treatment:

The timbers in the log cabin kits come untreated as this ensures the timbers do not warp before they are erected. During the construction process the timbers are dried to a very specific humidity to make sure the milling machines can cut the joints to very exact tolerances and if the timbers were pressure treated they could warp and twist.

As they are made from wood log cabins should be treated as quickly as possible with a suitable timber treatment as soon as they are built. Water repellent can be used as a first step as the cabin is being erected as this has the effect of water proofing the timbers allowing the cabin to be built and gives you some protection from the rain until you can get it properly treated with a suitable long term treatment. The application of the timber preservative/stain should be carried out as soon as physically possible following completion of the construction phase.

Gutters and Down Spouts:

One of the biggest hazards to a timber building is water. So once you have the roof protected by applying the roofing shingles and the timbers themselves protected by water sealing and staining them the next logical step is to try and divert any rain that falls onto the roof away from the timbers and towards drains of storm run-off. Just like the house you live in, although it is water tight you would never dream of building a house without rain water goods (gutters and down spouts) as these direct potentially damaging water away from the fabric of your house. That way the finished last longer and protect you from water ingress for longer.

Log cabins are the same, once they are treated to protect the timbers from water they will do a good job of dispelling any rain water that hits them but for the same reason as your home it makes sense to try to divert as much of that water away from the walls as possible. That way the water repellent and stain should last longer making your log cabin last longer. (You should however treat the timbers in your log cabin every 1 - 2 years with a suitable timber treatment to ensure a long life).

Prices for Log Cabin Extras:

Effective date 1st September 2016

Log cabin extras - OPTIONS AVAILABLE  
3 Sq m packs (IKO with 15 yr warranty) £27.50 per pack
Shingle self-seal mastic £3.00 per tube
Fitting of Shingles - Per pack  £25/pack
Roofing clouts (nails) c.£5.00 per roof
per m2 £7.25
Ridge (200mmx200mm) 3m £14.25
Eves covering (150mmx200mm) 3m £8.50
Ridge (200mmx200mm) 3m £14.25
Eves covering (150mmx200mm) 3m £8.50
GUTTERING: plastic complete  
based on a 5m cabin £20 per m
Log Cabin Extras - timbers & windows  
Extra logs to increase height by 5 1/2 inches £5.50 per linear meter
Extra D.G. SINGLE window for 44mm cabin £90.00
Extra D.G. DOUBLE window for 44mm cabin £180.00
Kerbside delivery (two ways) £1.00 per mile
Manual unloading (arrival to departure) £30.00 per hour
Building of log cabin (if required) Call for best price
**Prices subject to change without notification**  

*We recommend that your log cabin is treated immediately with a high grade product (2/3 coats)

N.B. - All above prices for log cabin extras are plus vat at standard rate.

If you have any questions on log cabin extras please call Bob on (028) 8 22 55 999 or send us a message via our contact us page.