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The Camping Pod from North South Log Cabins offers an extremely versatile solution to a huge variety of needs. If you run a camp site and want an alternative product to offer at a price point between tents and caravans. Or if you are a private individual and want a simple solution to your home office needs or want an insulated play room for your kids, call North South Log Cabins; we have the answer.

Camp Site Operators:

The camping pod from North South Log Cabins represents a lucrative business opportunity for camp site providers throughout Ireland. It offers a new product to add to your existing facilities in order to allow you to increase your revenue stream.

Although increased numbers of Irish holiday makers are to staying within Ireland to save money on their annual holiday, many are still reluctant to stay in a tent as they want a little more luxury but don't want to splurge on a hotel room or caravan. This is where the Camping Pod is perfect, as it offers a facility that can be rented by the night and turned around very quickly for the next guest. You can offer them furnished or unfurnished depending on your users requirements.

Private Individuals:

If you don't want to have to build your cabin yourself or simply want a quick one stop solution to your log cabin needs. The camping pod offers pre-insulated walls, floors and roof combined with high quality roof finish and double glazed doors and windows.

It comes pre-built and can be delivered to your site ready to use as soon as it is set on the ground.

Our new Camping Pod is built to the highest standards and offers deluxe camping accommodation which is fully insulated and lined with the finest quality timber and is the next BIG thing to hit the camping industry.

The Camping Pod is without doubt the future in camping or glamping (glamorous camping). This amazing space is designed to keep everybody and everything dry, warm and snug! The camping Pod is made with Siberian Larch, Spruce Euro Standard Double Glazing and is fully insulated. The Fork lift sleeves for lifting and moving the pod are inbuilt and it comes with metal fireproof tiles and Glue-lam beams to enhance strength and style. This amazing unit is the camping grounds buddy.

If you're looking for a garden office, or a small quality retreat in the garden this is equally the best for both. The camping Pod is a unique building and is built by master builders and comes fully erected.

Northsouthlogcabins offers a big range of camping pods. Starting from 3 meter up to 5,8 meters in length. Additionally to standard shape camping Pods Nortsouthlogcabins have taken a step further to offer entirely unique design Oval pods and camping barrels to use the most of your garden or campsite space.

Pods come in 28mm or 42mm wall thicknesses and possible to have in Spruce or Thermo-treated spruce.

More information on thermo-treated wood:

If you have special requirements for Bespoke interior feel free to contact us for quotations.

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  • Camping Barrel 330

    Wall Measurement: 210x330cm
    Wall Thickness: 42mm
  • Camping Barrel 480

    Wall Measurement: 210x480cm
    Wall Thickness: 42mm
  • Camping House 400

    Wall Measurement: 240x400cm
    Wall Thickness: 28/42mm
  • Camping House 480

    Wall Measurement: 240x480cm
    Wall Thickness: 28/42mm
  • Camping Oval 330

    Wall Measurement: 330x330cm
    Wall Thickness: 42mm
  • Camping Oval Big

    Wall Measurement: 400x400cm
    Wall Thickness: 42mm
  • Camping Pod T5

    Wall Measurement: 250x532cm
    Wall Thickness: 12mm internal and external cladding with option to add 100mm insulation
  • Dining Barrel

    Wall Measurement: 204x240cm
    Wall Thickness: 42mm
  • Shepherd Hut

    Wall Measurement: 500x237cm
    Wall Thickness: 19mm

9 Item(s)

per page