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Garden Houses

In addition to Log Cabins “North South Log Cabins” also offers a wide range of unique design garden houses. Our garden houses, home offices, outdoor kitchens are made of  prefabricated panels, that are easy and convenient to build. Our building sets include all applicable wooden parts (incl. doors and windows; in most cases, the latter are preinstalled in wall elements), a set of fasteners as well as a detailed easy-to-understand assembly instruction booklet. 

Prefabricated frames are easy to assemble giving a strong and durable frame structure ensuring a long life span. These structures have been thoroughly tested over many years in the Nordic weather conditions.

Ground beams are made of timber with a minimum cross-section of 44x94 mm .

Additional heat insulation:

To cater for a longer utility period for our products (summer houses) we also provide buildings with additional heat insulation; the insulation adheres to two options:

a.) additional heat insulation timber set (without wool, damp-proof building paper and protective film) with detailed installation instructions and fasteners;

b). buildings made of plant-insulated prefabricates.

Completed products and accessories:

We only use best quality door and window furniture to complete our products.

Products completed by us (grills, Wagon’s metal parts) have proven their quality across a lengthy period of time. Note that Wagon’s metal parts (made on special order) are zinced before painting.

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  • Emma

    Wall Measurement: 270x270cm
    Wall Thickness: 21mm
  • Garden House Jana

    Wall Measurement: 270x364cm
    Wall Thickness: 19mm
  • Home Office Cube

    Wall Measurement: 324x333cm
    Wall Thickness: 19mm
  • Home Office Tim

    Wall Measurement: 477x351(med)cm
    Wall Thickness: 19mm
  • Kid's Camping

    Wall Measurement: 174x252cm
    Wall Thickness: 16mm
  • Shepherd Hut

    Wall Measurement: 500x237cm
    Wall Thickness: 19mm
  • Tea House

    Wall Measurement: 351x351cm
    Wall Thickness: 19mm

7 Item(s)

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