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So, why choose a home office? In these current difficult financial times we are all trying to think of ways of reducing our overheads and increasing the amount of time we can spend with our families. Not an easy thing to achieve, but it can be more straight forward than you may think.

The biggest potential issue with working from a room in your home is that it can be very difficult to separate your work life from your home life. You get up in your place of work, you eat in your place of work and you spend your evenings in your place of work. It doesn't take long until the two merge and you end up spending more time working than enjoying quality time with your family.

So what's the answer? It's simple you either convert your garage into an office, meaning your car has to stay outside (or more likely, all the stuff you store in your garage has to stay outside!) OR you could buy a home office log cabin.

Benefits of a home office:

  1. By working from home you can remove the commute to and from work potentially saving you hours every day.
  2. Increase the amount of time you spend with your family. If you start earlier due to not having to commute you can finish earlier or start later and run the kids to school.
  3. Save money on fuel, your car is less fuel efficient on the commute to and from work than normal as traffic is heavier during rush hour and you have to start and stop constantly (the least efficient form of driving).
  4. Reduce your overheads as log cabins which can be used as offices are cheaper than renting or buying premises.
  5. Reduce wear and tear on your vehicle. Fewer miles means longer periods between services meaning lower costs and fewer miles means you won't have to change your car as often.

Benefits of a Log Cabin Garden Office:

  1. They are attractive to look at. All our cabins are made from high quality sustainable timber to a very high standard.
  2. They are very well constructed. You can either build it yourself or we can supply an experienced build team to build it for you.
  3. They allow you to retain your garage (or a room in your house) plus they allow you to separate your work life from your family life.
  4. They are environmentally friendly.
  5. Most of our cabins can be FULLY insulated meaning you can work in your garden office all year round without any problems.


Our Home Offices are available with Insulation set or entirely insulated panels to use our office all year round.


In standard we have designed two Home Offices to make your working from home enjoyable. We believe that enough light and proper insulation are essential for a good Home Office.

If you have some of your own Ideas of Home Office that fits your garden, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

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  • Home Office Tim

    Wall Measurement: 477x351(med)cm
    Wall Thickness: 19mm

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