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Up to 5 Metres

Our, up to 5m log cabins fall into the top end of our medium log cabins and offer very flexible sizes to accommodate anything you could possibly want to use them for. They are also available in a large selection of styles from traditional pitched single room and multi-room cabins to contemporary flat roofed cabins.

Perhaps you want to have a playroom in your garden so that you can keep the kids toys out of the house or have a playroom that is away from the house to keep the noise levels within your house a little lower. Alternatively you may want to use your log cabin to house a gym as you find by the time you put a treadmill and bike in a bedroom you don't have enough room to put any more equipment in let alone use it, not to mention loosing a bedroom.

One of our range of, up to 5m log cabins would allow you to get around this issue as you can choose from one of our many different sized and shaped cabins enabling you to fit any amount of toys or gym equipment in and still have room to use it all. You can even put power in your cabin and have a TV and stereo so that you don't get bored while on the treadmill for hours on end.

Another bonus is you don't have to worry about your cabin not being warm enough in the winter as it is easy to insulate the walls, floors and ceilings. You could even specify a twin skin wall detail allowing you to put up to 50mm of insulation in the walls, meaning you can enjoy a comfortable environment all year round and maximise your usage of your cabin.

Key Facts about our up to 5m Log Cabins:

Windows and Doors:

We feel our cabins are simply the best price/quality available in Ireland.

Doors and windows are possibly the single most important aspect of irish log cabins, as we do tend to get all four seasons each and every week. Every time you enter and leave garden log cabins you will use the door. So it is essential that it should feel secure and solid. You don’t want it to leak or warp and on anything but a small storage cabin, you will want to have double glazed windows and doors. The good news is that all our cabins above 44mm come with double glazed and double sealed windows and doors as standard. Plus the windows are inward opening for additional security. Wall thickness of 58mm North South Log Cabins offers DELUXE Class Doors and windows.


Feel free to browse all our log cabins and then shop around. We are confident you'll come back to North South Log Cabins for your Irish log cabin. If you look elsewhere and find something cheap, there's a good chance it probably is and if you can’t find what you are looking for, just give us a call or send us a quick message on our contact us page.

All prices include VAT at 20 % and as we are based in N. Ireland we can quickly deliver to anywhere in Ireland.

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  • Garage B

    Wall Measurement: 450x550cm
    Wall Thickness: 40mm
  • Garden Weekend A

    Wall Measurement: 450x330cm
    Wall Thickness: 40mm
  • Garden Weekend B

    Wall Measurement: 450x440cm
    Wall Thickness: 40mm
  • Home Office Tim

    Wall Measurement: 477x351(med)cm
    Wall Thickness: 19mm
  • Kerry

    Wall Measurement: 480x390cm
    Wall Thickness: 50mm
  • Mayo

    Wall Measurement: 480x480cm
    Wall Thickness: 50mm

6 Item(s)

per page