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Multiroom Cabins

The main benefit of multiroom cabins (which can be seen at the bottom of this page) is obviously their flexibility. You may want to have a log cabin in your garden, but when it comes to deciding what you want to use it for you may come up against an issue. Perhaps you want to use your cabin to store your lawn mover and gardening equipment, but you may also want to use it as a summer house in the good weather (when it eventually does arrive).

Alternatively you may want to use your cabin as a home office but want your office separate from your reception area or maybe you want a separate meeting room

Either way a single room cabin won't always meet your storage and usage requirements and that's when the multi room cabins come into their own. Alternatively, perhaps you are looking for a multi-room log cabin to be used as a community centre, camping facility, canteen, or home office. The list of potential uses is endless and the benefits are also fairly obvious:

Benefits of North South Log Cabins Multiroom Cabins:

  1. Flexibility - a multi-room log cabin can be used for several purposes at the same time.
  2. Efficiency - a single multi-room cabin is cheaper than erecting several individual cabins.
  3. Cost - building a multi room log cabin is cheaper than building a traditional multi room structure
  4. Planning - depending of the use of your cabin you may not require planning (however you should always check with your planning authority before proceeding).

The beauty of our multi-room log cabins for sale in Ireland is that we offer a huge selection of cabins in many room layouts and all built to very exacting standards in sustainable timber.

Once you have decided on your cabin you have several options:

  1. Cash and carry - you can collect the cabin yourself and build it in a time frame that suits you.
  2. Delivered - we can deliver it to your site to be built by you.
  3. Delivered & erected - we deliver your cabin and our team of log cabin builders will erect it for you.

Wall Options:

WALL THICKNESSES ARE: 28, 40, 50, 58, 70 and 92.

Twin skins are  50/50 and 58/58, 70/70

Roof Finishes:

The roof of your multiroom cabin can be finished in whatever material you require (N.B. the roof cover is not included in the advertised price although we can supply high quality shingles at low prices). Our shingles are high quality glass fibre and polymere reinforced bitumen roof shingles.

You could finish the roof of your cabin in felt although we don't recommend it as although it's cheaper it tends to offer less resistance to moisture, it doesn't look as good as shingles and it doesn't last as long.

Windows and Doors:

The windows and doors in your multi-room log cabin are one of the most important aspects of the cabin as they are the cabin's moving parts. You will be opening and closing them on a regular basis and as a result you need high quality units that are going to last.

The good news is that ALL our cabins with a 34mm wall section, and above, come with double glazing as standard (included in the price you see on our site) and as we are based in NI we can easily deliver anywhere in Ireland, north or south.

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  • Louth

    Wall Measurement: 635x480cm
    Wall Thickness: 50mm
  • Oklahoma

    Wall Measurement: 575x485cm
    Wall Thickness: 70mm
  • Skara A

    Wall Measurement: 514x390cm
    Wall Thickness: 70mm
  • Skara B

    Wall Measurement: 514x514cm
    Wall Thickness: 70mm
  • Sommerland A

    Wall Measurement: 390x390cm
    Wall Thickness: 70mm
  • Sommerland B

    Wall Measurement: 390x514cm
    Wall Thickness: 70mm

6 Item(s)

per page