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Barrel saunas are excellent addition to your garden or campsite. Looking to relax or treat yourself with true Nordic experience? Barrel Saunas are a perfect way for that.

Barrel and Oval saunas come in 42mm wall thickness. Front and back wall are 28mm.

Nortsouthlogcabins standard set includes everything necessary in standard set: Barrel bands from stainless steel, glass or wooden door ( no extra charges), floor and sauna benches from quality Alder ( Alder is ideal material for sauna benches because of the nice appearance and smell), shingles (Available in Red, Black, Green and Brown).

Optional accessories for sauna barrels are:

• Décor arches

• Product in thermo-treated wood

• Extra windows

• Half moon glass back wall

• Full glass back wall ( perfect to put next to a lake or just a place with nice view to enjoy the view while relaxing in warm saunaroom.

• Heaters used are from HARVIA – world leading manufacturers of sauna heaters. Electric or woodburning

If you have any special wishes, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quotation.

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  • Barrel Sauna 250

    Wall Measurement: 205x250cm
    Wall Thickness: 42mm
  • Barrel Sauna 400

    Wall Measurement: 205x400cm
    Wall Thickness: 42mm
  • Oval Sauna

    Wall Measurement: 400x240cm
    Wall Thickness: 42mm

3 Item(s)

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